International COVID-19 mortality forecast visualization:
Samir Akre, Patrick Y. Liu, Joseph R. Friedman, Alext A. T. Bui 2021. JAMIA Open Volume 4, Issue 4, October 2021, ooab113,
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Deciphering intratumoral heterogeneity using integrated clonal tracking and single-cell transcriptome analyses
Humberto Contreras-Trujillo, Jiya Eerdeng, Samir Akre, Du Jiang, Jorge Contreras, Basia Gala, Mary C. Vergel-Rodriguez, Yeachan Lee, Aparna Jorapur, Areen Andreasian, Lisa Harton, Charles S. Bramlett, Anna Nogalska, Gang Xiao, Jae-Woong Lee, Lai N. Chan, Markus Müschen, Akil A. Merchant & Rong Lu. 2021. Nature Communications, View Publication

COVID-19 and the Drug Overdose Crisis: Uncovering the Deadliest Months in the United States, January‒July 2020
Joseph Friedman and Samir Akre. 2021. American Journal of Public Health 0, e1_e8, View Publication

Resident microbes of lactation rooms and daycares
Diana H. Taft, Samir Akre, Nicolas Madrid, Andre Knoesen, David A. Mills, Zachery T. Lewis​. 2019. PeerJ 7:e8168
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Oxylipins in triglyceride-rich lipoproteins of dyslipidemic subjects promote endothelial inflammation following a high fat meal
Anita Rajamani, Kamil Borkowski, Samir Akre, Andrea Fernandez, John W. Newman, Scott I. Simon, Anthony G. Passerini, Scientific Reports, vol. 9, no. 1, p. 8655, 2019/06/17 2019.
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Bifidobacterial Dominance of the Gut in Early Life and Acquisition of Antimicrobial Resistance
Diana H. Taft, Jinxin Liu, Maria X. Maldonado-Gomez, Samir Akre, M. Nazmul Huda, S. M. Ahmad, Charles B. Stephensen, David A. Mills mSphere Sep 2018, 3 (5) e00441-18; DOI: 10.1128/mSphere.00441-18
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System and method for personalized exercise training and coaching
Inventors: Andrew Robert Chang, Chung-Che Charles Wang, Daniel Le Ly, Ray Franklin Cowan, Rebecca Shultz, Samir Akre
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Posters – Compare the top COVID-19 mortality forecasts
QCBio Retreat Fall 2021
Samir Akre, Patrick Y. Liu, Joseph R. Friedman, Alex A. T. Bui
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StrideSight – Overuse Injury Prediction Wearable Device
Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Project Spring 2018
Samir Akre, Krishna Basude, Angela Tolwani
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Taxonomic Classification of Yeast Using Amplicon Sequencing by Combining UNITE and DITSY Databases
UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2018
Samir Akre, Diana H. Taft, Julian Lopez, Kyria Boundy-Mills, and David A. Mills
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Human DNA Decontamination Software for WGS Comparison and Optimization Using In Silico and In Vivo Datasets
UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2017
Samir Akre, Shannon E.K. Joslin, Diana H. Taft, and David A. Mills
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Monitoring Factors Potentially Influencing the Built Environment Microbiome Via Data-Logging Sensors
UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2016
Samir Akre, Priyanka Bapat, Nicolas Madrid, Andre Knoesen, Zachery T. Lewis, and David A Mills
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Cyanobacteriochromes as a Viable Natural Alternative to Synthetic Food Dyes
Jonathan Chen, Amanda S. Everitt, Samir Akre, Brent W. Weyers, Alexis A. Caligiuri
Advisors: Marc T. Facciotti, Justin Siegel, Colin Milburn, Andrew Yao, Matthias Hess
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