As of March 2019


USC Keck School of Medicine

I left my job at Stanford to start working as a research programmer in Dr. Rong Lu’s Lab at USC. The reason for this was to evaluate and experience working at USC as a candidate school where I may start my Ph.D. in Fall 2019 in Biomedical Engineering. It was a quick move: my last day of work at Stanford was Friday, March 8th and my first of work at USC was Monday, March 11th.

I’m excited to begin working on developing software for analysis of this lab’s unique data set that tracks hematopoietic stem cells at the single cell level!

Future Plans:

Grad Schools

Still waiting on final decisions but am very likely to attend a Ph.D. program somewhere in the LA area starting Fall 2019.

As of February 2019


Stanford University School of Medicine

I’m currently working on a project called MoTrPAC. The section of MoTrPAC I work on is called the Bioinformatics Center (BIC), a project in the Ashley Lab. At a high level, the entire project is aimed at understanding from a molecular level, what exercise does to the body. I work on the web portal where data will be submitted, analyzed, and downloaded. I also help create the bioinformatic pipelines necessary for analysis of the data.

For the web portal, I primarily develop the front end website using ReactJS. On the bioinformatics side I’m implementing a pipeline for analysis of methylation (RRBS) data with existing tools through WDL and Cromwell.

Future Plans:

Grad School

I have finished submitting applications for Ph.D. Programs in bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, and biomedical engineering. Still waiting on responses and interviews, but I should begin Fall 2019.